Thursday, April 5, 2012

Recommended books for FCPS-I (Paper-I)

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There are 2 parts for fcps-1 syllabus, 1 is basic sciences and is common for all, and the 2nd part is specific for ur speciality ...

Recommended for FCPS-I (Paper-I)

MCQs Books:

Azeem Sheikh
USMLE First Aid

Physiology :

*Pocket Guyton
Morgan (Selected Topics)

Pharmacology :

Morgan (Selected Topics)

Pathology :

*BRS (General Pathology)

Anatomy :

Neuro Anatomy *Snell / High Yield


By Amir



Physics :

Old editions of Morgan
*G.D. Par Brook

Bio-Stats :


You can choose any one book of each subject, but studying two would be recommended.

Recommended for FCPS-I (Paper-II)


Snell's Anatomy (Gross anatomy, except muscle insertion/origin)
Neuro Anatomy (*Snell / High Yield)

*Spinal Cord, Brain blood supply


*All Cranial nerves
Histology by Amir
Embryology (Langmann)

* = important

Some Guide By Senior

‎2 Months Prep Schedule for candidates appearing in FCPS part-1 exam: Part-1 mein first 4 years Kay subjects included hotey except Forensic, Eye n ENT. Inn ka separate Part-1 hota. 2 Paper honey on one day , each of 100 MCQs wid a lunch break in between. Rotii dabaa Kay khana.:p Paisey wahein sae poorey honey.lol
Firstly make it cryatal clear Kay Jst 3 subjects ki books karni hein: Anatomy, physio, patho. Baqi sub subjects lyk Pharma, Micro, Biochem ko Jst USMLE First aid sae karna. Take it on a very serious note Jst First Aid for dese.
1- Physio from BRS/Kaplan in 6 days.
2-Patho from BRS in 8 days.
~Gross from Snells Review in 6 days
~Histo, Embryo, Neuro from Kaplan 2 days each=total 6 days
( I wud strongly recommend doin Histo , Embryo n neuro from Kaplan instead of traditional Amir, High yield etc. Kaplan mein aisi likhi Kay it can be done in 2 days each easily n its very much retainable)
After that First aid ka pehla half which includes pharma, Micro n Biochem etc ko Karo in 5 days. 2nd half which includes systems nahin karna abhi.
1st read done.
Now for second read, revise physio, patho in 3 days each n anatomy in 5 days. N First half of First aid ko Karo in 3 days.
Now onwards in last 15 days Jst First aid parhni n nothing else:
Do first Aid in 5 days, den revise it in 4 days, den in 3 days, den in 2 days n den in 1 day.
1st month mein daily Raat ko First aid Kay end par diya hua Rapid review karna hai as iss mein sae Kafi question aatey.
2nd month mein daily Raat ko Chandkians Kay MCQs.
***********While studying Aik Baat yaad rakhna importantly: Kuch yaad nahin karna, Jst u gotta knw 3 things abt each topic
-What is it?
-Why is it?
-How is it?
Joo yaad Karney lag jatey, vo actually khud Apni Aatma Kay sath *Vishwash Ghaat* kar Rahey hotey. Main issue nerves pae control Karney ka hai, dun get panic. All will be well IA.
Thumbs up.


  1. can someone tell me k part 1 mai just first 4 years k subjects ka exam hota hai aur part 2 main speciality ya part 1 mai hi speciality ka exam b dena hota hai?

  2. Very good piece of advise..acha laga

  3. apna ya to btaya nai k 1st aid k 2nd partcma system kb krna hn



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